February Qualcomm acquires Sylectus.

May TMW Systems acquires Appian Logistics Software.

Trimble and Peoplenet Logos

Trimble acquires PeopleNet Communications. Trimble, a global provider of navigation and tracking technology, began its push into the transportation and logistics market with its acquisition of PeopleNet, one of the industry’s largest suppliers of truck telematics and in-cab communications systems.

November Lytx Inc. (then DriveCam) acquires Rair Technologies.


March Telogis acquires Maptuit.

June Trimble acquires GeoTrac Systems.

October Trimble and TMW Logos

Trimble acquires TMW Systems. Trimble continued its expansion in the trucking sector with its acquisition of TMW Systems, a major supplier of transportation management and dispatching software that had expanded over the years through its own series of acquisitions. TMW had acquired Appian in 2011, Innovative Computing Corp. in 2009, Integrated Decision Support Corp. and TMT Software Co. in 2007 and Maddocks Systems in 2006.


January Trimble and TMW Logos

Trimble acquires ALK Technologies. Trimble expanded its software holdings by purchasing ALK Technologies, a developer of routing, mileage and mapping software for trucking operations, including its flagship PC Miler software.

September Honeywell acquires Intermec.

November & December Trimble and TMW Logos

Omnitracs splits from Qualcomm, acquires Roadnet Technologies. Wireless technology giant Qualcomm, which had pioneered the trucking telematics market in the 1980s, spun off its trucking technology business, Omnitracs, in November 2013. As a stand-alone company, Omnitracs quickly expanded its business through its December 2013 purchase of Roadnet Technologies, a provider of routing and scheduling software.

December Descartes acquires Compudata.


April Descartes acquires Computer Management.

May Transflo (then Pegasus TransTech) acquires TripPak Services.

June Descartes acquires Customs Info.

October Zebra Technologies acquires Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise business.

November Trimble and TMW Logos

Omnitracs acquires XRS Corp. Omnitracs bolstered its trucking software for mobile devices through its acquisition of XRS Corp., which previously had acquired Turnpike Global Technologies.

November Descartes acquires Airclic.


March Navman and Teletrac Logos

Navman Wireless merges with Teletrac. Two fleet telematics providers, Navman Wireless and Teletrac, merged in 2015 to create Teletrac Navman.

May Trimble acquires Cadec Global Inc.

July Descartes acquires BearWare and MK Data Services.

July Spireon acquires Inilex.

July SkyBitz acquires Reltima and GPS North America.

October SkyBitz acquires SmartLogix.

December Descartes acquires Oz Development.


July and November Verizon, Telogis and Fleetmatics Logos

Verizon acquires Telogis, Fleetmatics. Verizon acquired telematics providers Telogis and Fleetmatics in July and November 2016, respectively, and combined those businesses with its existing Verizon Telematics division to create Verizon Connect.

October Continental acquires a majority stake in Zonar Systems.


February SambaSafety acquires Vigillo.

June Orbcomm acquires Inthinc.

June Trimble acquires Innovative Software Engineering.

Descartes and Macropoint Logos

Descartes acquires MacroPoint. Logistics software firm Descartes, which has completed numerous acquisitions over the years, purchased shipment visibility company MacroPoint.

September Omnitracs acquires Shaw Tracking.

September Trimble acquires 10-4 Systems.

October Orbcomm acquires Blue Tree Systems.


February Descartes acquires Aljex Software.

June Descartes acquires Velocity Mail.

June Geotab acquires FleetCarma.

November Descartes acquires Pinpoint GPS Solutions.


January PowerFleet (then I.D. Systems) acquires CarrierWeb.

February Descartes acquires Visual Compliance.

February Phillips Connect Technologies acquires Connected Holdings.

March Omnitracs acquires Blue Dot Solutions.

June Geotab acquires BSM Technologies.

June Truck-Lite acquires TrackPoint Systems.

October PowerFleet acquires Pointer Telocation.

November Descartes acquires BestTransport.


January Trimble acquires Kuebix.

May Omnitracs acquires VisTracks.

June Descartes acquires Kontainers.

Omnitracs and SmartDrive Logos

Omnitracs acquires SmartDrive Systems. Omnitracs further expanded its capabilities with its purchase of SmartDrive, one of the largest suppliers of onboard cameras and video-based safety systems for trucking companies.

October Transflo acquires Microdea.

November Descartes acquires ShipTrack.


January J.J. Keller & Associates acquires VideoProtects.